BBC Team Meets Journalism Student Volunteers

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Our reporter

The BBC World Service team has held a meeting with Journalism and Communication student voluteers in preparation for the first ever Science festival in Africa to be hosted by Makerere University at the Freedom square from Sunday 24th to Thursday 28th March 2013.
The team that comprised of Ruth Nilway, Dilsana Hussain, and Fiona Ambrose met with the student volunteers in the senior common room of the University’s main building today March 22, 2013, to discuss their roles and responsibilities in assisting the BBC production crew during the festival week.
In the meeting, Nilway advised the volunteers to be cooperative and to seek guidance. “We expect you to work with us freely for the whole week, feel free to ask because you are important to us.” She said.
The Festival titled: Celebrating the role of Africa in Global Science, will showcase the most significant international scientific research; and how African scientists have contributed to the global science agenda. This festival has attracted special guests as Tejinder Virdee; one of the World’s leading physicists and Professor Justin Jonas from the department of Physics and Electronics, Rhodes University, South Africa who is working on the Square Kilometer Array, which is Africa’s largest space project
This BBC science festival at Makerere University is among the various activities to mark the Ninety years’ celebrations.


Am grateful to the BBC team for having given us this opportunity