I love you when you do my coursework,
When you represent me in the library,
Turning wads of books, toiling for my mark,
As I tell the coin-stinking mzee a good story,
To gull him into issuing me a land title,
As I confuse his aging mind, just alittle,
Killing his ears with sweet-nothings,
Blinding his eyes with fleshy-somethings,
Rolling my eyes, turning my skimpiness around,
Kissing grandpa’s agemate, just for a pound,
What can you afford? You have no dime,
You can’t take me out. But you have the time,

The Tale of Makerere’s unfinished buildings (Part II)

Makerere Ali Mazruiana Project, MMP building
Behind the MMP
This building traces its origin way back in the 1970s and was meant to cater for students’ lecture rooms, lecturers’ offices and other facilities to enable students excel in their education. The building stands astride School Of Social Sciences building now and behind the Guild Canteen.
Over the years, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) has inevitably lived to see overcrowding lecture rooms with some of the lectures conducted in the Main building.

What attitude can not do

Attitude looks at a Goliath as too big to miss, it knows no boundaries and limits. But, when isolated from reality it is futility. Author John C. Maxwell in his book The Difference Maker, says, “You cannot disconnect attitude from reality and expect success.”
It is a bonus, gives an edge but can never be a substitute for the following.