Karamoja And Pastoralism: A Shifting Paradigm

Karamoja has for long been synonymous with cattle and pastoralism that led to degrading violent armed conflict in the region. For long this has become both a stereotype and an unfortunate mark of identity.

From podium remarks of Dr Milton Obote to becoming anybody’s sing-song that “we shall never wait for Karamoja to develop.” It is the mindful; perhaps those that have obtained quality education (not the Nyanzi type) that can view this as a strategy that has for long been used to deprive the people of Karamoja of what every living poor soul likes to call the “National Cake.”

Govt Should Sort The Mess In Mulago: The Place Stinks

Yesterday, I confirmed what I have always heard about Mulago Hospital. It was my first time to step there, but what I found was quite sickening: the place looked so awful. As I walked around, I bumped into
a rubbish area; my heart is even about to pop out as I type this as the memory of it is just nauseating.

Spills of blood, used cotton and used syringes litter the place, oh, how stinked! Then I entered some building, not sure if it’s the new Mulago, in the tunnel that led me to Block 4C oh my God; the place is terribly smelly!

Why Uganda Should Embrace Plea Bargaining In Judicial System

Plea bargaining is the process whereby a criminal defendant and prosecutor reach a mutually satisfactory disposition of a criminal case, subject to court’s approval

This is a new venture in the criminal justice system in Uganda majorly
aimed at decongesting prisons. Many of the Ugandan prisons carry almost four times their capacity and the living conditions are poor.

One may argue that since it is a prison, inmates deserve deplorable conditions; but it should also be noted that many of these people are not criminals, but they are just
on remand.