I can run again, thanks to ‘foot massage’

Have you ever felt such intense pain in your feet that all you wanted to do was cut them off, just to do away with the pain? Well, it happened to me a few years back in high school. Out of the blue, I wake up one morning feeling a really strange pain in my feet. It was as though my feet had been electrified. I tried to brush it off, but the pain worsened.

The Watch Dog Inquiry

Milly Dowler a 14- year old British girl on her way to school in Walton -on- Thames on 21st March 2011 was murdered.
Dowler’s murder featured most in the investigation in the News of the World phone scandal and it was revealed in 2011 that News of the world reporters had accessed her voice mail while she was reported missing. There was a public outcry in Britain questioning the standards of the media in handling issues. This prompted the Prime Minister David Cameroon to set a committee led by Lord Justice Leveson to investigate the media conduct.



An intense scandal that happened in the United Kingdom, 9,867 km from Uganda, sent waves across the journalism world with effects that are to be far reaching. The News International phone-hacking scandal was one involving News of the World and other British newspapers published by News International, a subsidiary of News Corporation. In 2011, it was found that one or more employees of these newspapers hacked into Milly Dowler’s phone (a murdered teenager) to get a story to run. This raised a public outcry against such an activity by the press.