Complaints as "Box" Sanitation Declines

Students residing in Mary Stuart Hall have raised concerns about what they call the deteriorating sanitary conditions in the residence.

The students have complained about the bathrooms, toilets and drainage system at the oldest girls’ hall of residence at Makerere.  

Catherine Nasonko, who has lived in Mary Stuart for two years, says the bathrooms are cleaned only once a day, “but since we are so many it is not long before they get dirty and I mean really dirty.”

We Can Detect, Quell Strike Before it Happens – Mak Police

Police at Makerere University has commended what they call intelligence work of the security services and the student body which has brought down strikes for the last academic year.

This, according to the police, has been done through the deployment of police officers in civilian clothes and willing students in various Halls of residences like Lumumba and Mitchell to gather information about those plannig strikes.