Low Turn Up at Start of 16 Days of Activism


The first day of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence at Makerere University registered a very low turn up among the students, leaving organizers in dismay. The activities were organized by Gender Mainstreaming Directorate in the Freedom Square under the theme ‘end gender-based violence in learning institutions and workplaces.


Makerere Moves to Beautify Roundabouts

The Makerere University roundabouts are being beautified to create beautiful sceneries in and around the campus.

The beautification project started on the 3rd of December with the main gate roundabout being the first one to be worked on by the Prime Media Network contracted by the Estates department. The project is set to handle the seven major roundabouts in the university as well as the Freedom Square.

Douglas Villa Residents Use 1800 Condoms in Three Weeks

Students residing in Douglas Villa hostel in Makerere, Kikoni are benefiting from an offer by Marie Stopes of monthly condom distribution, using over 1800 condoms in three weeks.

The hostel gets condoms from Marie Stopes, Uganda Limited and it claims they are never enough since the demand is high.