Makerere Wins Inter-University Quiz

Makerere University are the winners of the 2019 Inter-university Quiz, an annual event organized to engage university students in Uganda in answering different contentious questions covering different issues at home and around the world.

The event, hosted by Makerere University today at Freedom Square, attracted participants from institutions such as Kyambogo University, YMCA and International University of East African (IUEA).

Mak Students with “Big Ideas” to be Supported

The highly anticipated annual big ideas contest has been launched yet again at Makerere University.

The contest seeks to explore students' ability to conceptualize their social ventures in Information Technology. It also challenges students to step outside of their traditional University based academic work and use their education, passion and skills to solve problems in their society.

The 2019 Big Ideas Contest is open to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at the university.


Complaints as "Box" Sanitation Declines

Students residing in Mary Stuart Hall have raised concerns about what they call the deteriorating sanitary conditions in the residence.

The students have complained about the bathrooms, toilets and drainage system at the oldest girls’ hall of residence at Makerere.  

Catherine Nasonko, who has lived in Mary Stuart for two years, says the bathrooms are cleaned only once a day, “but since we are so many it is not long before they get dirty and I mean really dirty.”