It's Possible To Start Business Without Money

Many people have remained  trapped in chains of dire poverty, nowadays, because they think starting a business is costly, writes SHIFRAH KAYAGA. However, talking to some milllionares in Kampala, a business can be started by any one with any amount of money, and it flourishes.

In most cases,  It’s not even the level of education that people have achieved, but even nature can be harnessed to ensure that one lives a splendid life, free of deprivation.

Why Financial Literacy Matters

In December 2014, Joshua got his first car, a Toyota Premio in the UAK series. It was in excellent condition. He loved it because he had saved for a year to acquire it at Shs 6 million.

However, months later, his colleagues started to tease him about his ‘old car.’ When one of his friends successfully ordered for a car from Japan, Joshua got excited. He identified a newer model Premio on the internet. Quickly, he got a buyer for his old car and wired the money. That was at the end of May 2015.

Poor mechanisation hindering agricultural transfromation in uganda

Dr. kazuhiko explainig how a rice thresher works

Poor agricultural mechanization is one of the biggest hindrances to transforming Uganda’s agriculture from subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture, Dr. Godfrey Asea, the Director of National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) has said.

Dr. Asea who recently speaking at NaCRRI during a demonstration of agricultural machinery for small scale farmers that have been manufactured in Uganda said 99.4% of small scale farmers in Uganda use traditional, rudimentary and obsolete technologies in agriculture, a major contributor to low farm output.