Delayed Menstruation Periods: The Other Causes Apart From Conceiving

Have you ever waited for your periods that you even pray to God saying you'll never do bad manners again?

Late menstruation periods can be scary to most girls who are not intending to produce babies soon and it is a situation that happens to most university girls out there who engage in unprotected sex.

But has anyone ever asked why there are issues of delayed menstruation periods? Well Dr Irene Kiggundu of Joram hospital in
Kawempe explains some other reasons that may cause delayed menstruation besides pregnancy.

Panic As Costa Catches Fire Near Makerere Small Gate

Business along Sir Apollo Kagwa road came to a stand still yesterday evening after a Costa registration number UAN 559X started burning while moving slowly in jam near Makerere small gate.

The unfortunate incident took place at around 8pm and dozens of passengers were seen flying for their lives causing the jam to even last longer. This attracted hundreds of people who gathered around the vehicle in shock.

No lives were lost.

Amasiinya: Most Preferred Meal In Kalangala

When some people hear about Kalangala District, the first thing to come to their minds is a picture of a group of people staying on an isolated water-logged part of Uganda.

But a visit to Kalangala will not only force you to drop your stereotypes about the people on the island, but also make you feel like frequenting your visits to the place, simply because of their rare, most preferred delicious meal - amasiinya!

Amasiinya is a Lussese name given to red beetles also known as edible palm weevils.