When the gods are not on your side...

Have you ever wondered why some things happen the way they do? You wake up every morning and you expect the day to go just like the daily routine well with a few exceptions when you have some errands to run here and there.

Today was just like a normal day for the owner of this car. He woke up and went and carried out his businesses just as usual it did not occur to him that anything would happen to him. Well one thing I can say is that this man should go and praise God for today.

Here is why you should love your body as it is

Have you ever thought about the body stress? It turns out that the body is one of the most stressed organs on the human anatomy. I woke up with a big urge to talk about the body. Well the body is generally the entire human. The body has been stressed a lot in certain ways and especially the female body.

We have heard of women struggling with body weight. The struggle women go through every day. They have to be the perfect mothers, have the sexually appealing bodies, be the perfect wives I believe women are the hardest working people. All these responsibilities on just one person.

I really loved him but...

I stared at him, absent minded and blankly. Why couldn't I feel anything. The shivers and the blushes I got whenever I saw him were no more. I couldn't explain how I felt,but one thing I knew for sure, was that he was too late.

Reality had slapped me on the face. I had moved on. The words I was dying to hear, didn't rise my adrenalin levels. Maybe I waited for a very long period and I lost hope, perhaps I fought very hard and I had finally accepted my fate.