University Bookshop to Create Space for Nyerere Leadership Centre

A slap in the face to all bookshop users could be looming as the University relocates the Bookshop yet again to an undisclosed location.

Makerere University will demolish the long closed wooden structure between Senate building and CIT LAB 2 that sheltered what was Makerere University Bookshop to create space for the proposed multi-billion Julius Nyerere Leadership Centre.

Pressure Builds as Final Timetable Comes Out


Journalism students at Makerere University have increased their levels of concentration and seriousness ahead of end of semester examinations which commence on November 19.

Many of the students are now forming discussion groups, buying handouts and filling the library for revision. A number of them have been seen converged in corners busy reading.

The university examination final timetable was released last week indicating 19th November 2018 as the date on which the examinations will commence.

Lecturers Link Poor Grades to Absenteeism


Two lecturers at Makerere University have said that most students who post poor grades during examinations do not attend lectures.

Vincent Muwonge, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology, urges students to attend lectures because first-hand information is got from the lecturers. “Missing lectures may not seem to be a big deal but at the end of the day people who miss class end up not performing and they are the ones who get 48% or 49% in final examinations,” Muwonge said.