Holy Ken stirs up CoNAS handover

Clad in suits, the College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS) fellowshippers began flocking the Food Science Conference Hall, this time, not to attend a conference featuring research professors, but to hand over office. Having braved the scorching Saturday sunshine, the guests were treated to songs from the fellowship choir before they were served with all tribes of soft drinks.
The choir was followed by a comedian, whose irresistibly rib-cracking jokes threw the congregation into loud cheers and hilarity.

The Mufti of Uganda prays for Authorities to take lead in promoting peace and Stability in Uganda

“Someone has put his hands up, as a sign of surrendering, but you go on and beat him up?...”

KAMPALA – The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje, while delivering his  Eid al-Adha message at Old Kampala Mosque has said that he believes both Authorities and protestors have violated one another’s freedoms in recent political confrontations.

Mubajje was speaking to Muslim believers who turned up for Eid prayers.