Empaakos In Tooro culture And Their Meanings

Empaako, which in English translates to pet name, is a praise name or a name of respect used among the Banyoro, Batooro, Batagwenda, Batuku and Banyabindi and Banyaruguru.

Among these tribes, we are specifically going to look at the Batooro. In Kitooro culture where mpakoos respected and preserved, empaako is something that can't be under looked, even those that are from tribes that don't have pet names are given one once they are in Tooro.

Buddo SS Set to Celebrate Silver Jubillee

Its 8:40am on a sunny Monday and I'm stationed at the main gate of Buddo Secondary School. I'm welcomed by the gate's catchy artistic writings: "Welcome to Buddo SS; The struggle continues".

After entering the gate, and checked by a smiling askari who also asks me to sign in the visitors book, something looks new. When I left this school two years back, I didn't leave this magnificent building, but I head straight to the Headmaster's office, Lawrence Muwonge, a Peter pan.

Campaign to Regulate Bodabodas Trending

The hash tag for an online campaign that was launched by Makerere students has today topped Twitter's list of trending tags.

Dubbed #RegulateBodabodas, the campaign is aimed at pressurising government to regulate motorcycles involved in the transport sector, and has mainly been run on one of the world's famous social networking site, Twitter.