After Adolescence Crushes That Women Experience! They Too Drive Crazy

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The definition of love can't be clear to all as everyone defines it in their own way. But according to most of the girls, love is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.

But there is this crush that drives a woman crazy at any stage. It's never characterized by age, colour, status, but the feelings that make a lead.

Before, I personally used to think crushes existed during adolescence but maybe I guessed wrongly. This crush can come back at any time after your 18s and, this time it can actually be even stronger.

Once it appears, nothing, I mean nothing down here on earth can stop it. It makes you lose your brains unknowingly. It makes you get into confusion even in the best possible way you know what you are doing is wrong and it gives you no time to think first before making decisions.

Last time, my friend Phiona Nakalembe, a business woman and a resident of Wakiso District told me about her encounter with this type of crush.

"While in my 20s, I got a loving cool gentleman who always gave me peace and which ever other thing I wanted. He was so nice and a great partner. He always worked hard and made sure I don't suffer at all… Our relationship lacked nothing until when a strong crush came on my way.

“I always thought I was loyal and faithful to my guy but it seems I guessed wrong. However much you act nice and serious when needed, the adult crush needs no observation in which ever manner you behave!” she disclosed.

By the end of our short conversation, we had already agreed that once this type of crush sets in, nothing on earth can stop it.

She went ahead to disclose: “I met a guy called Robert while still a student. He was some quite a handsome guy and cool too. He became my friend and I accepted him. He always made himself fine and comfortable to me whenever I needed someone to talk to.”

But Nakalembe and Robert soon realized the chemistry that hanged in the air. This shortly landed Nakalembe into and her ‘friend’ into an abyss.

“Time came when I saw Robert had to be closer to me as he was some understanding guy. We always laughed, had fun, moved together, and, in one way or the other, started seeing the cuteness in him,” she recalls.

Time came when Nakalembe realised that Robert would appear in times of happiness and disappeared in moments of sorrow unlike her who was always available no matter the situation.

To cut Nakalembe’s long story short, the guy, Robert, who had portrayed himself as an angel sent from above, was a total disappointment in the short run.

Her story is, to me, secretly shared by thousands of ladies out there. We at times, even after going through our adolescence stage, encounter that strong feeling that seems to be love, and if one doesn’t think twice, she can end up letting go of a bird in the hand for 10 in the bush.

This love-like feeling can come back at any stage, but it’s just a crush.