How greed, intrigue, selfishness and untold despair have eaten up students in the 2014 Guild race

Forum for Democratic Change’s flag bearer, Andrew Mujinya yesterday joined NRM’s Boniface Mbabazi in the coolers at Makerere University’s Police Station over alleged fraud

The duo are said to have forged academic documents as a way to creep through not only their party primaries but also the students’ electorate to become next Guild president.

Drama ensued immediately after Mujinya’s candidature was frustrated by the Michael Byemero led Electoral Commission.

The EC General Secretary, Harris Justus Akampurira said that no candidate with queries would be spared.

Career Guidance-The Missing Link

In high school, where I first heard the word career, it was accompanied by the word guidance making it career guidance. I have attended two career guidance workshops in my whole life.
For most people, there are still unanswered questions like; What is a career? What is career guidance? Why is career guidance important? Who gives career guidance? The dictionary meaning of the word ‘career’ is a job or profession that someone does for a long period of their life.


I love you when you do my coursework,
When you represent me in the library,
Turning wads of books, toiling for my mark,
As I tell the coin-stinking mzee a good story,
To gull him into issuing me a land title,
As I confuse his aging mind, just alittle,
Killing his ears with sweet-nothings,
Blinding his eyes with fleshy-somethings,
Rolling my eyes, turning my skimpiness around,
Kissing grandpa’s agemate, just for a pound,
What can you afford? You have no dime,
You can’t take me out. But you have the time,