In Memory Of Makerere’s Guild Canteen

As everyone was going on about the staff strike at public universities across the country, something quite dramatic happened recently.

Excel Construction, who are building the Prof Ali Mazrui Centre for Governance and Politics, demolished the decades-old Guild Canteen. MOSES TALEMWA and SAM ORAGO pay tribute to the venue that held many of the alumni’s best freshers’ ball, first dates, first alcohol sip and even breakup memories.

900m Android Devices On Makerket Have Fake Security Systems

US-based cybersecurity firm Checkpoint on Sunday discovered security flaws in software found used on tens of millions of android devices already on market, world over.

This flaws can give a hacker complete access to the system of any of the implicated devices thereby taking the gadget's full control, including making calls, taking photographs and sending SMS. 

The research firm discovered the bug when looking at software running on chipsets made by US company Qualcomm.

Cybersecurity Firm Warns Against Using Wireless Keyboards, Mice

Information typed on a wireless keyboard can easily be intercepted or snooped on, a cybersecurity research firm has warned.

San Francisco-based Bastille said these keyboards transmit what is being typed without any encryption, making the "text very clear" and possible for hackers to access from a distance of up to 76m (250ft) away.

The firm added that earlier in 2016, wireless mice were also insecure to use as their research showed attackers can spoof poorly protected signals, letting them use PCs as if they were sitting in front of them.