Leaked WhatsApp messages indicate Makerere information minister recruiting goons, propagandists

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Under normal circumstances, leaders are always expected to be role models in society, and doing exactly what took them to office, but this hasn't been the case with Abbey Kizito, the Makerere guild Information minister.

Leaked WhaApp messages from one of the groups we shall not reveal indicate that the social scientist is busy recruiting people who have mastered the art of spreading rumours, propaganda (those good at tainting the image of his political opponents) and goons. The screenshots that we got read thus;

"A u good at phrasing articles ???, A u good at propaganda ???, Do u know mak politics? ??, A u a social media expert???, Here is an opportunity for u, since the political period is starting off at the end of sem up to beginning of next sem, this is where we work most, our work is to use our brains and phones nothing much. MUCS (makerere university chemical society) provides an opportunity to people who meet the above qualifications to apply for the jobs..."

In another screenshot, Kizito is already pledging support for Fred Luyinda, a former guild aspirant. It's not yet clear whether Luyinda will again be running for the top seat in the university since he terribly lost to David Bala Bwiruka in last year's election.

In Makerere, chemical, which is a slang for propaganda, has in most cases caused riots, bred hatred amongst students and such negative consequences.

In 2014 guild election, candidate Mwine Musa, who had been the students' favourite before Bala joined the race, was 'chemicalised' as being a thief and untrustworthy.Musa consequently lost.

Bala himself was chemicalised as a spy to police boss, Kale Kayihura. Its no wonder that even though he went through, according to most students, he is among the the most infamous guild presidents that Makerere has ever had,  with one time students attempting to thump him to pulp.

Up to now, it's not yet clear why Kizito would abandon the tones of work at his desk to indulge himself in illicit affairs.

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