Student conned in Makerere University admission scam

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An administrator at Makerere University is in spotlight for allegedly conning a student to help him with irregular admission into the university.

Elias Nuwagaba, the custodian of the main administration block, reportedly convinced the student that he would help him secure admission for a course in Medicine and Surgery at a fee of Shs 8m.

However, the student identified as Clinton Nahurira, 19, of Igayaza in Kakumiro district, managed to raise only Shs 2m. To him, Nuwagaba was a professor at Makerere University recommended by a friend, after failing to secure government sponsorship for the academic year 2016/2017.

Nahuhira attained 15 points at A-level from a combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and sub-maths (PCB/sub-Maths). His dream was to become a surgeon.

"When our family friend learnt that I had not been admitted, he suggested that he would connect us to someone who could help… The reference asked for Shs 8m but we settled for Shs 2m," Nahurira told URN.

Instead, Nuwagaba submitted an application for a course in development studies, on behalf of the student. Based on this, Nahurira was admitted for a Bachelor in Development Studies course under registration number 16/U/20744/PS at Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development.

The institute, located in Mpigi district is an affiliate of Makerere University.  However, Nahurira declined the offer saying it was far away from what he desired. He was also registered for a Poultry course, which was later, blocked on account that he could not be admitted for two courses at the same time.

Subsequently, Nuwagaba sent him to the School of Medicine to start classes as he awaits his official admission letter. Over the last two months, Nahurira has been attending class at the Medical school, along with other students. But he later learnt that he needed a registration number and a student number to accompany his test scripts.

He had paid Shs 450,000 to cater for his accommodation at Atiz hostel in Makerere, Kavule where he has been staying since the semester began.

He claims Nuwagaba later asked for more money to help the student change to another course saying the process was tedious and involved a number of people who all wanted a share of the money.

When URN contacted him on phone through the contacts provided by the complainants, Nuwagaba denied dealing with the duo.

"It is not true and I don't know anything about it," said Nuwagaba adding that the student was dealing with a one Julius Masaba in the arrangement.

“They were harassing the wrong person… it is not me. The person involved in the admission is Masaba, it is not me Elias really. It is not me who is involved in that saga. I think the police has those details. What I tell you is, get in touch with the DPC’s office in Kibuli because those things were filed yesterday. They are harassing me wrongly. It is not me”, he added.

 Nahurira however insists he has never dealt with the said Julius Masaba.

This story was first published by The Observer