Makerere graduation list mess taken to court, Ms Janet's office

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Following a disagreement between Makerere student leaders and university council on how to sort the graduation list mess, the latter have decided to take the matter to court and to the Education minister, Ms Janet Museveni.

According to the guild president Roy Ssemboga, university council today morning resolved that the over 400 eligible students missing on graduation lists should wait for next year to graduate, something he opposed.

“Council has resolved that investigation into the matter should start immediately and students who shall be found to be eligible  for graduation but missing on the lists will be given transcripts as soon as possible and then wait for graduation in 2018. That one we said no and we are going to court,” Ssemboga explained.

He also added that there is hope the First Lady will intervene in this issue and get the mess sorted in time.

However, the vice chancellor Prof John Ddumba-Ssetamu maintained that students could be missing on the graduation list because they delayed to clear with the university in time or they don’t qualify to graduate at all.

Currently, visibily irritated students are still roaming around the university main building and the Senate, trying to stage a demonstration amidst heavy police deployement.

We shall keep you updated about this story.