Makerere Guild Speaker Okays Resignation of Research and Computer Technology Minister

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The Makerere University 82nd guild speaker, Imram Kasujja, has today morning acknowledged the resignation of  Yosam Bagumirabingi as the Research and Computer Technology minister.

" I officially received his resignation letter and therefore he is no longer the ICT minister," Kasujja confirmed.

Kasujja explained that according to the guild constitution article 82, the office shall only remain vacant for only Seven days to allow the guild president make a new appointment or perharps reappoint the same individual back in office.

Bagumirabingi, now a former minister, yesternight presented his resignation letter to the Kasujja, citing alot of weaknesses in the Roy Ssemboga government.

" The overwhelming love for money by the guild president coupled with arrogance left me with no option but to resign" Bagumirabingi explained. The information minister, Abbey Kizito, when addressing his colleagues in their guild WhatsApp group, attributed the cause of this resignation to self enrichment motives by some ministers.

"It's only when you acquire a ministry thinking it's for only eating and no working" Kizito reacted.