Mak Admnistration Pledges Better Service Delivery With The New Fees Policy

Makerere University administration has urged students to pay tuition on time, saying it will lead to improved service delivery.

 According to the administration, the delay in service delivery is linked to delay in tuition payment, lack of enough human resource, delay in release of marks, endless strikes by students, non-teaching staff and lecturers among other causes. However, the new tuition policy, the administrators said, will see an improvement in all services at the university.

Makerere First Year Student Petitions Guild President Over Hiked ID fee

John Kamanyire, a first year student of economics at Makerere has petitioned the guild president, Roy Seemboga, over alleged increment of the student identity(ID) card fee by 200 per cent.

In his petition, Kamanyire argues that it's unheard of for a university ID to move from Shs 15,000 to 45,000 within a year.

Ssemboga promised to look into their matter as soon as possible, but declined to give more information about the issue.

Makerere Students Still Ignorant Of New Registration, Fees Policy

Following the previous students’ strikes over what was termed as unfair policies, a new fees policy was put in place this academic year.

The university council also passed a new registration policy that requires students to register with the university within the first 10 weeks of each semester.

For the fees policy, each student is required to pay Shs 200,000 in the first three weeks of each semester. This amount is part of the total fees to be paid to the university.