Makerere guild speaker shifts offices to private room in Livingstone

Imran Kasujja, the speaker of the 82nd guild government has shifted his offices from the guild offices to a private room in Livingstone hall, citing discomfort as the cause.

According to Kasujja, the environment at the guild offices isn't comfortable anymore to allow him conduct his duties effectively as a leader.

Ssembogga on hunt for new ICT minister amidst more resignation threats

Makerere University guild president Roy Ssembogga has finally acknowledged receipt of resignation letter from his now former minister of research and computer technology, Yosam Bagumirabingi.

"I officially received his resignation letter yesterday, Monday 17th October 2016 and the hunt is on for a suitable replacement" Ssembogga said.

Ssembogga also added that he is not bothered by the greed for money and disrespect allegations in the letter, and as well as by the resignation itself. 

NTV's Charles Mwangusha inspires Makerere journalism students

The fourth year Journalism class at Makerere University was delighted to have Charles Mwangusha in their midst during a class meant to inspire and build their skill in the field.  It was an evening of learning from the best and interacting with the creame de la creame of Ugandan talk show giants.

 Mwangusha is the pioneer KFM hot seat, FM hard talk and The Fourth Estate on NTV which he also hosts. He is also a part of reporters oundtable on Voice of Africa and has been hosted on Aljazeera and BBC.