Makerere Guild Speaker Okays Resignation of Research and Computer Technology Minister

The Makerere University 82nd guild speaker, Imram Kasujja, has today morning acknowledged the resignation of  Yosam Bagumirabingi as the Research and Computer Technology minister.

" I officially received his resignation letter and therefore he is no longer the ICT minister," Kasujja confirmed.

Kasujja explained that according to the guild constitution article 82, the office shall only remain vacant for only Seven days to allow the guild president make a new appointment or perharps reappoint the same individual back in office.

Makerere Minister Of Computer Technology Resigns, Accuses Guild President of Greed

Yosam Bagumirabingi, the Makerere 82 guild minister of Research and Computer Technology shocked students yesterday when he submitted his letter of resignation from his position.

Bagumirabingi, which ironically translates to perseverance, failed to leave to the expectations of his name as be accused his boss Roy Ssemboga of greed for money and disrespect for his powers and office.

Mak Admnistration Pledges Better Service Delivery With The New Fees Policy

Makerere University administration has urged students to pay tuition on time, saying it will lead to improved service delivery.

 According to the administration, the delay in service delivery is linked to delay in tuition payment, lack of enough human resource, delay in release of marks, endless strikes by students, non-teaching staff and lecturers among other causes. However, the new tuition policy, the administrators said, will see an improvement in all services at the university.