Who will be the next Journalism head?

Following the election of Dr. Aaron Mushengyezi, the acting head of the Department of Journalism and Communication (DJC), as the new dean for the School of Languages, Literature and Communication (SLLC), there is an inevitable need to fill the position of head at DJC. Dr. Mushengyezi polled 46 against 23 from his main challenger, Dr. Edith Natukunda Togboa. The position of the school Dean fell vacant in October, when the then dean, Dr.


Makerere University Music Gala

The show was supposed to begin at 5pm but the clouds began splashing millimeters of rains as early as 2pm. Most people were unable to brave the mud, the cold and the subsequent drizzles. Nonetheless, some valiant ones could not afford to miss. By 6:30, the Main hall was boasting of praises and worship from Christians who had come to attend the Annual Music Gala. But these were not without coldness in the praise mood until the emcee called Jackie Senyonjo on stage. Her Neetaga gwe hit raised the congregation who joined as they sang along.

Live at the Thursday lovers’ park

The clouds are forming rather hastily just like woes in the blue corner political party. Nsubuga, Amooti and Ngobi are waiting for the beauties that made them change their hearts on joining the seminary. It’s largely clear that the girls would rather watch choti bahu than brave the nimbus clouds that threaten to splatter the ground with buckets of water. Nsubuga has been dialing Nantume’s mobile for a week in vain. She can’t even talk to him on any social media. His friends understand his distress. The debate about the same drifts them into a number of issues.