CoNAS Wins Sisters Competition 2018


The College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS) emerged as winners in the Sister's Competition 2018 that was organised by Makerere Muslim community under their umbrella Makerere Muslim Students Association (MUMSA).

Muslim ladies from different colleges on Saturday gathered in the gardens of the Makerere Main Mosque to compete in different activities that included cookery, recitation of Quran, Quiz about Islamic affairs and public speaking.

Makerere Muslim Community Donates Clothes to Naguru Centre

Makerere Muslim community under their umbrella Makerere University Muslim Students Association (MUMSA) has donated an assortment of items to Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre.

MUMSA members visited Naguru Centre on Friday and delivered items which include clothes, sugar, soap, sanitary pads and scholastic materials to the orphans to help them meet their needs.

Jibreal Akankwasa, the chairman MUMSA said, "Our major intention for this donation is to reach the community and touch lives of young people, give them hope through moral and material support."