Student Loan Scheme not discriminatory- Muyingo

The state minister for Education, Chrysostom Muyingo has refuted all allegations that the students’ loan scheme is discriminatory.

Speaking to students at the Makerere University Law Auditorium on Thursday 11th, Muyingo said that he has received complaints from parliament and the general public about the scheme discriminating against regions, gender, the disabled and Arts students; all which he said is not true.

“People were complaining to me for ignoring the disabled but they are represented. The loan scheme is open to all,” Muyingo said.

A modest proposal for the boda-boda industry

I salute all my brothers and sisters both actively and passively involved in this notorious faction of the economy. This sector is so big that Mulago Hospital spends Shs1.5 billion on treating boda boda patients each year. On-the-road actors in Kampala alone outnumber Makerere University students by far.