Uganda stuck with only 12 neurosurgeons

Latest reports indicate that Uganda with a population of about 40 Million people has only 12 neurosurgeons.

This shortfall is however attributed to the length of the programme which is very expensive.

According to Dr. Joel Kiryabwire a senior consultant neurosurgeon at Mulago hospital, one has to finance his or her way for 6-7 years in order to become a neurosurgeon which is difficult thus making many people opt for shorter programmes.

Back Bags: The New Fashion Trend for Campus Girls

Back bags have become a new fashion trend in campus as every young lady has taken it up. They come in handy as they are easy to carry around anywhere and more so because they look so fashionable.

The back bags come in different sizes, colours and designs. These bags are sold in almost every boutique and shop in town.