Elephant that Caused Accident Slaughtered, Residents Fight Over Meat

Drama ensued today morning after locals around Karuma along Kampala-Gulu highway opted to exchange blows over elephant's meat that they slaughtered after it caused an accident.

The accident took place at around 3am, where a bus reg number UAM 829C and belongs to KK travellers, knocked the elephant that was crossing the road, leaving 3 people dead on spot, including the driver, and several others injured. The bus was travelling from Arua to Kampala.

Ramadan: What Muslims Think Of The Month, Their Demands To Govt

Ramadan is nearing and Muslims, world over, are eagerly waiting to take part in the holy month. SHIFRAH KAYAGA has been talking to some of those preparing to fast and they shared with her their expectations from the community and the government, and why all moslems should embrace the period.

According to Sheikh Sultan Yahaya, the principal of Kabowa Islamic, this period is very important in the lives of Muslims as he believes that it is a time Allah provides to all believers to exercise good deeds in order to easily be awarded to go to heaven.

Ismail Kasozi: I will involve parents in strikes

"Rasta" during an interview


 Ismail kasozi is a second-year student, doing a bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Art (BIFA), for his second degree after a bachelors in Performing Arts. He is currently the president of industrial art and fine arts.

He went to KDS primary school, Buddo S.S for O-level and London school of St.Lawrence before joining Makerere University.

He boosts of a talented life style as a young man including singing, being a guitarist, an actor under Mariam Ndagire, hair stylist, technician, a car pimp, owns a saloon among many others.