Love Matters: I Refuse Football To Win My Hubby's Heart!

I refuse to run mad. Football will not take away my sanity. I repeat: I will not run mad. Why would I allow football to torture me? Or why would I allow it to worry me? Better yet, why would I allow it to give me headache?

Football will not break my yolk. I will not run mad just because he loves football, I refuse too. I will not be it's victim. Football and I just need to cooperation. I know he loves you more, sometimes, but as co-wives, we need to find a way of making him happy, without us fighting or quarrelling.

Stella Nyanzi's Son Kato Embarrassed, Psychologically Tortured Over Mum's Nude Protest

They say what goes around comes back around. The day Dr Stella Nyanzi, a renowned research fellow  at Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR)  staged a nude protest, she probably ignored the repercussions of her of this action on her children.

Where as the research fellow is currently in South Africa, her son, only identified as Kato, is facing the anticipated consequences of her act.

How Makerere Administration, Staff Brought End To Famous Guild Canteen

One of the things that will raise your eyebrows once you step in Makerere now is the breakneck speed at which the famous Guild Canteen, which is a stone's throw from Senate building, is being demolished. By yesterday, some walls had already been hammered down.

But one would wonder, why all the rush? Why during absence of students? Well, the answer to this is lies with in the moves by university management and clique of senior administrative staff who have been swift in quickening the process of flattening the canteen to their advantage.