Use social media for academic benefit, communications consultant

The editor of the online media division of the East African Community, Mr. Edward Ssekalo, has advised students to use social media to foster academic excellence.
In an email interview recently, Mr. Ssekalo said that social media could help overcome physical barriers among students if used well.

MTN Uganda to celebrate 20 years of operation in Uganda


MTN Uganda is to celebrate 20 years with a visionary expo.

The telecom giant announced that it has started is six-month-long celebration campaign to mark 20 years of operations in Uganda under the theme celebrating the past, inspiring the future.

It is to be held at Kololo independence ground with a major focus on the MTN's journey in Uganda.  

The expo will be one of several other expos and activities that will be executed to mark the 20 years milestone.

Technolgy To Hack Facebook, WhatsApp Revealed

Security researchers have revealed a $1400 technology which can be used to exploit the security flaw in 4G enabled smart phones to locate precise location of the apps users by simply messaging them.

According to researchers from Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, Technische Universitat Berlin and Telekom Innovation Laboratories, a hacker can use the apps to discover the supposedly anonymised identifiers that are assigned to devices when they connect to a network, and use them to locate their owners.