Delayed Menstruation Periods: The Other Causes Apart From Conceiving

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Have you ever waited for your periods that you even pray to God saying you'll never do bad manners again?

Late menstruation periods can be scary to most girls who are not intending to produce babies soon and it is a situation that happens to most university girls out there who engage in unprotected sex.

But has anyone ever asked why there are issues of delayed menstruation periods? Well Dr Irene Kiggundu of Joram hospital in
Kawempe explains some other reasons that may cause delayed menstruation besides pregnancy.

1. Stress. When a person is over stressed, the hypothalamus hormone in the brain which is works upon one's periods is affected hence leading to delayed menstruation periods.

2. Birth control pills. These pills can affect the menstruation flow cycle hence delayed periods.

3. Weight gain or loss. Most times late periods are caused by rapid weight loss or gain. It is because ones weight could cause stress to some body organs hence delayed periods

4. Poor diet. While some women don't consider this, a poor diet causes late periods. Eat body building foods like fruits (pineapples, bananas), vegetables among others.

5. Sickness. Being sick or injured can also lead to delayed menstruation. Here, the body is generally weak and some hormones are affected.

6. Too much exercise. As it is said that too much of anything is always bad, doing too much exercises strains the body leading to late periods.

However, Dr Kiggundu advised girls to desist from fornication as it is the only way a person can reduce over worrying caused by unprotected sex.

Therefore, one should not always get worried about late menstruation, as there are a number of other factors that lead to that rather than pregnancy.