Kadongo Kamu Singer, Segawa Gets 50 Women Admirers

Written by: 
Alinda Joy Bridget

Vincent Segawa, a kadongo kamu singer has received more than 50 women, from whom he is to choose a wife.

The singer who appeared on Bukedde TV's Abanoonya program two weeks back in search for a wife is said to have received calls from different women who wanted to win the Basajja kubula singer's love. Among his requirements from a prospective wife included; an educated and well brought up woman who is ready for HIV test. He also gave out his number for any woman ready and interested to contact him.

Segawa received calls from a number of women including from Jinja and Mbarara, who he invited to meet him in Nansana. He did this to every woman who showed interest in him. The women who gathered in Nansana were surprised to find other women since each one of them expected to meet the singer alone, not knowing there were other interested women.

Segawa said he gathered all the women who called him so that he could choose a suitable partner and welcomed questions from anybody who had an inquiry. Some of the questions asked by the women included whether he was willing to accept a single mother, to which he answered that he was, as long as the woman is willing to give him children that they would raise together.

Unfortunately, Segawa was unable to choose a wife during the meeting since some of his admirers were not able to make it due to different commitments. He however gave the women another appointment on Thursday next week where he asked each one of them to come with her national ID saying, "buli omu ajje n’endaga muntu kubanga abamu bakweka emyaka," literally translated as "each person should come with a national ID because some hide their years." Some of the women who came appeared older than the singer, who refused to disclose his age and past relationships which he said were personal and private.

After meeting the women, the singer took a photo with them and asked those that dodged the photo not to appear on Thursday as it is the final day for him to choose his life partner. Some of the women got Segawa's number from friends who watched the program, others got it from the singer himself while on the 'Abanoonya' program, and another woman said her mum asked her to write the number. "Nze mama wange yeyangamba okuwandika enamba ye," she said.

Sabiiti Daphine, a second year Bachelor of Education student says not all these women called the singer because they really loved him or needed a husband. "Some of them called him because he is a singer and they expect him to have money," said Sabiiti.