Written by: 
Yudaya Nabaweesi

Like it is always said that a leader is meant to serve than to be served, the 5th elected president of Tanzania Magufuli has reflected this analogy through involving himself in doing things beyond his jurisdiction

President Magufuli who was inaugurated as the president of Tanzania on 5th November 2015 made a record in Tanzania when he publically joined his people on Independence Day in 2015 to clean the community.

This made people develop different perceptions about him as a leader since many leaders have always used a statement that goes ‘do what I say but not what I do’. But President Magufuli is believed to have changed the connotation since he has always encouraged people to do what he does.

It is noted that on his first full day in office, he marched unannounced to the Ministry of Finance, sending its staff into a spin. He redirected funds for Independence Day celebrations to anti-cholera efforts.

On Saturday 21st November 2015 when a group of 50 people were about to set off for a tour of commonwealth countries, President Magufuli cut this list down to 4 people, saving government 600m shillings in tickets and accommodation.

Since his inauguration two years ago, Magufuli became a symbol of thrift, decisiveness and integrity where he disturbed the status quo in Tanzania at its foundations. His presidency has made headlines for his fight against corruption, seriousness measures, and downsizing most of recurrent government expenditures.

Tanzania has so far been led by five presidents since independence; John Magufuli (Incumbent) 2015- Present, Jakaya Kikwete 2005-2015, Benjamin Mkapa 1995-2005, Ali Hassan Mwinyi 1985-1995, Julius Nyerere 1962-1985.

But surprisingly, President Magufuli has showed Tanzanians special ways of leading the country and is noted as the first Tanzanian President to work with a female vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Tanzania is one of the East African countries which has moved its journey through difficulties of colonization, Maji-Maji rebellion against German colonial rule but is currently seen as a country with a patriotic leader and the real beauty of the country shines through its amazing biodiversity and wildlife.