When the gods are not on your side...

Written by: 
Lillian Nansubuga

Have you ever wondered why some things happen the way they do? You wake up every morning and you expect the day to go just like the daily routine well with a few exceptions when you have some errands to run here and there.

Today was just like a normal day for the owner of this car. He woke up and went and carried out his businesses just as usual it did not occur to him that anything would happen to him. Well one thing I can say is that this man should go and praise God for today.

I know many of you are going to think am savage or ruthless or whatever you may call it but I believe most of you will agree with me by the time you are done following me through these hours.

So I woke up today lazy and I honestly did not feel like doing anything. A strong thought hit in like hey, you can’t be here lying around yet you haven’t got your national I.D most of you who have not yet got your I.D or those who lost their like me know the struggle awaiting them ahead.

If you have yours, sweetheart guard it with your life. 50,000 Uganda shillings is not a penny you want to part away with hahaha. I repeat 50,000 shilling is not a penny you want to part away with ask me and I will tell you about it anyways that will be a story for another day.

Back to our sorrowful story. So on my arrival reached the KCCA offices on William Street there was a whole bunch of people gathered around just next to the offices. Before I could even imagine what was going on my legs were already carrying me to this gathering.

When I reached everyone was talking about a car of 3 days old. Apparently the owner of this car had purchased it just 3days back quick math today is Tuesday, November 14, 2017 3 days  back means he purchased it on Saturday correct me if am wrong.

This gentle barely knew what the day had in store for him. He went to work as usual and this time he packed where he does not usual park well for the past three days. He would pack in a different sport but today he packed in this spot nobody knows why.

At around 3pm the rain poured cats and dogs. As everyone took cover a loud noise was heard and guess what the entire wall where this gentle mans car had parked broke down shuttering the brand new car. All the windows and the bonnet were terrible dismantled.

I looked at the car and looked around for the owner of this car and he did not seem to be anywhere. I felt so bad for this poor man well it seemed everyone was hurt about the car but what about the owner of the fence? Do you think he should also be pitied? Well of course in my opinion I think he should be pitied because he is also going to get into the unplanned expenses.

Who is to blame? The builders of the fence? The owner of the fence or the rain?

Do you ever wonder why somethings that happen happen the way they do?