Here is why you should love your body as it is

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Have you ever thought about the body stress? It turns out that the body is one of the most stressed organs on the human anatomy. I woke up with a big urge to talk about the body. Well the body is generally the entire human. The body has been stressed a lot in certain ways and especially the female body.

We have heard of women struggling with body weight. The struggle women go through every day. They have to be the perfect mothers, have the sexually appealing bodies, be the perfect wives I believe women are the hardest working people. All these responsibilities on just one person.

America registers most of the body malfunctions. 89 per cent of American teenagers have suffered from food abuse and this is termed as anorexia. You find a lady not eating anything for over 72 hours all in the search for the perfect body. These young chaps engrave themselves in magazines where they see un realistic body shapes and they could do anything to get themselves such bodies. What is absurd is that some of them die due to such conditions.

I cannot really blame these people for what they do because they do this because of cyber bullying or bullying from schools. This problem does not only occur in young people but grownups as well. I stalk one of the UK journalists and that is Katie Hopkins, she is one of the body shaming journalists.

She is body shaming but well all the reasons she gives hold water. She says she would never ever hire a fat person .well this sounds really mean but she has her reasons as to why. She says fat people do this to themselves. She was once sued for body shaming and she did not even bother getting a lawyer.

She defended herself. Do you know what this lady did? She used her body as an experiment to prove to the fat people that she was right and she stood by her statement. She was a size 20 and she decided to put on weight and lose it.

Katie Hopkins put on 50 kilograms in 4 months and she documented her daily life. All her work routines changed. Her eating habits changed she ate more than 40 calories a day, she did not work out at all, and guess what… she surely gained the weight and after the 4 months of gaining she started her other four months journey to shed the weight off.  she lost the weight again by working out and eating healthy the only reason I agree with Katie is because her procedure is realistic unlike the American celebrity mothers.

American celebrity mums have seriously turned their bodies into some experiments. On the other hand I do not blame them. These celebrity moms basically get paid for being alive. I will refer to Kim kardashian. I mean have you guys followed up this woman’s life? She gets appointments from literally all designer houses since they need her to advertise their clothing lines. She gets paid for posting her pictures on various social media timelines that is Instagram, snap chat, Facebook, Ficker name it.

Try fitting in this woman’s shoes I bet you would survive even for a day. But as she gets paid for all these jobs  her biggest responsibility is to keep up with the appearance and this means working the body, looking good and in the struggle for these she has to get those unrealistic body shapes no wonder she has to carry out all these surgeries .

A woman gets pregnant which is obviously to last for 9 months, she gives birth and to my surprise within 2 months she is already in a bikini showing off the bikini body. Do you ever think about how they get these bodies back that fast? You will be shocked about how these women works tooth and nail to get these bodies back.

The likes of Jennifer Lopez literally spend days and nights in the gym. Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity mother of two and this is no news to all of us well those who care to know. She is 47 years old… have you seen Jennifer working the red carpet? Damnnnn!!! That body looks better than a 20 year old body.

She is a real Dorian gray, apparently untouched by the aging process. As other ordinary mothers out there are playing with the big jelly baby tummies, carrying their babies around, an American celebrity mother is laying out her working out schedule. She hits off the gym; she barely gets time to carry her baby around oh well unless when she is taking pictures to post on Instagram or to give out to be publishers of magazines showing off their after birth bodies. Most of their time is spent in gyms with personal trainers.

Do you know what is more surprising? Now this is the icing on the cake, some celebrity mothers actually ask for caesarean sections. Like hell yeah they want to be cut I know most of you are like no way in hell would I ask for a caesarean like NEVER!!!  Well the question you should be asking is why do these celebrity mothers prefer the caesarean section to pushing? I will tell you why.

These celebrity mothers in their quest for the perfect bodies go as far as having two surgeries in one. Ha-ha yeah I said it… 2 in 1. Here is how it is done. As the mother is under the surgery for the baby to be got out guess what else is happening!! There is a tummy tucking plastic surgeon on the wait.

Waiting for the midwife to get the baby out and then he or she also gets down with his business tacking the mother’s belly. So after the baby has been got out, this same mother has a plastic surgery for a flat stomach so she has her stomach tacked in at once. Something which is very costly I doubt any Ugandan mother would go through that not because it is painful but seriously we all know how parsimonious Ugandans can be.

Come to think of it, haven’t you ever wondered how some celebrity mothers come out of hospitals and their stomachs are as flat as they were before they conceived. I mean plastic surgery is a trend in America. Such mothers don’t get to carry their babies around, smell them, and play with them because they are busy nursing massive surgery wounds.

After healing they come out giving hocus pocus talks leaving out the reality. They are just so determined to not let anything detract them from their daily businesses.

Ladies why don’t you embrace you bodies? Love yourself. Beauty begins with esteem. Believe you are beautiful and trust me you will be beautiful. Do not get me wrong, am not saying neglect your bodies noo!!!  All I am saying is do realistic things. Do not torture the body.  All you have to do is live healthy, eat well, live well, and love yourself that’s the way to go.