Kaftans Trending in Kampala

Written by: 
Reagan Kiyimba


Ugandan's are increasingly embracing Kaftan clothing to follow trends in Africa.

Many people in Kampala can now be seen dressed up in Kaftans, from internationally designed Kaftans like Zara to locally designed styles of Kaftan clothing. Here, many boutiques are also seen stocking more Kaftan clothing since it is the trending fashion.

According to Josephine Nakafeero, the CEO of Jose House of Creations, Kaftans are light clothing made of wool, cashmere, silk or cotton which makes them comfortable and cheap. She says that she receives ten to twenty orders for Kaftan clothing from different customers on a weekly basis.

"Kaftans are worn by both men and women. Women wear them with matching head wraps to spice up the fashion and men wear them with pants and a kufi cap. This kind of dressing was copied from West Africa and so many Ugandans have liked it," Shivans Nakaye, a fashion designer said.

Ali Kabiito, a businessman told journalism@mak that Kaftans control overheating during hot seasons which gives him a better working condition. They fit at any occasion as long as you choose the right fashion style and this helps him to invest less in buying clothes.

"Kaftans are affordable and cheap to maintain. I usually wear them during weekends though they can also be worn on any other day. In accordance with fashion, I love to be part of the trending wave so I go for every trending fashion style in Kampala to maintain my looks," Hajjara Nyarwanga, a shopkeeper commented.

"Many youths jump on every fashion trend instead of focusing on how to have a progressive life. I advise them to invest in businesses than investing in fashion trends because the main reason to dress is to cover up our bodies not to impress the public," Joan Katumba, a student at Old Kampala SSS said.