UACE Examinations Start

Written by: 
Acom Peace Gloria



99,672 S.6 candidates have started their Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examination, an exercise that will continue till early December. Of these, 53,359 are males while 41,313 are females.

The examinations started Monday 12th November, 2018, with Mathematics and History across the country’s 2,217 centers.

According to a statement released by Uganda National Examination Board’s Executive Secretary, Daniel Odong, distribution of exam material will be done under tight security. Over 800 scouts and security personnel have been dispatched to oversee the process.

He also added that, “we still warn schools against the involvement in malpractice in the examination and to guard against people who sell what they purport to be examination questions”.

In a phone interview with Florence Among, the headmistress of Nyondo SS in Mbale district, the answer sheets were delivered on time and the students are well prepared.

“The challenge we face is issuing of the exams starts at a quarter to nine at the collecting center; it takes us 30 to 40 minutes to get the exams from the collecting center which is 14kms from Mbale town to Nyondo SS due to the bad roads,” said Among.

Nadudu Jane Mercy, a candidate at Nyondo SS says she is confident and ready for the exams, because they were well briefed and given words of encouragement.

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