Makerere Moves to Beautify Roundabouts

Written by: 
Lucy Edith Kiiza

The Makerere University roundabouts are being beautified to create beautiful sceneries in and around the campus.

The beautification project started on the 3rd of December with the main gate roundabout being the first one to be worked on by the Prime Media Network contracted by the Estates department. The project is set to handle the seven major roundabouts in the university as well as the Freedom Square.

Mudome Simon, the head of landscaping and beautification at Prime Media Network, said, “We have so far identified seven major roundabouts in the university which are to be worked on. We are also going to work on the Freedom Square by putting a grill and also benches for people to sit on.”

They plan on planting lawn and flowers around the roundabouts to create beautiful scenery.

Mudome further told Journalism@Mak that they will put more security lights around the university to do away with dark spots. Some security lights have already been put around the Makerere main gate. In addition, they are also planning on placing dustbins around the university so as to maintain a clean Makerere. One sample of the dustbins has already been put up at the Estates offices near the Eastern gate.

Mukasa Julius, the supervisor of the project said, “The project is big, something concerning beauty you don’t rush, after planting we have to continue with maintenance activities like fumigation, weeding etc. We cannot just leave it hanging so I cannot assure you about the exact time we shall complete this project.”

Naiga Aliyah, a second year student of Arts said that while the roundabouts will add more beauty to the university, the real issue is security. “Security lights will reduce on the high crime rate that has been so rampant in the university,” she said.