Low Turn Up at Start of 16 Days of Activism

Written by: 
Tumuhirwe Agatha


The first day of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence at Makerere University registered a very low turn up among the students, leaving organizers in dismay. The activities were organized by Gender Mainstreaming Directorate in the Freedom Square under the theme ‘end gender-based violence in learning institutions and workplaces.


Kasule Moses, one of the stall holders expressed concern towards the low turn up of the students at the event. "We expected at least a turn up of about 500 students but we were disappointed that we registered just about 50 students," Kasule told journalism@mak.


"I think the students turn up is low because students are in exams. They are so busy at this time but since this is the first day, we never know they may try to turn up tomorrow," Ssemaganda Godfrey, one of the organizers said.


Aguti Maureen, one of the students said that the 16 days of activism was untimely. "Why did they have to wait for the period of examinations to organize such a useful event? I think it would have been organized before examinations," Aguti commented.


16 days of activism against gender-based violence began on 29th November at 8:00am with an exhibition, movie screening and public dialogue. It was organized in partnership with the UN Women, among other agencies. It was meant to highlight issues affecting the fight against the vice.