Thousands Attend Kyarenga Concert

Written by: 
Kiiza Lucy Edith

Thousands of Bobi Wine’s fans and opposition supporters attended the Kyarenga Concert at One Love Beach, Busabala over the weekend.

As early as 2pm, people were already at the venue of the concert eagerly waiting for performers and by 6pm, the beach was filled to capacity. A big percentage of the population was donned in red clothes and ribbons tied on their heads. 

Nakanjako Dorothy, one of Bobi’s fans she said, "My red dress code is a representation of my love for Bobi Wine and people power.”

At exactly 7:52pm, Bobi Wine got on stage amidst loud cheers from his fans. The concert was officially opened with the Uganda and Buganda anthems.

Security was heavily deployed and every person was subjected to thorough body checks at the entrance. Bobi Wine applauded the work done by the Uganda Police. "In a special way, I want to thank the Uganda Police that this time around they did not let us down,” said Bobi Wine.They have done a great job to ensure there is tight security on this concert," he added.

The artiste performed a number of his hit songs. Many opposition politicians showed up at the concert to support their fellow legislator.

Despite the warning from police against any political activities at the event, Bobi Wine encouraged his supporters not to tire but to continue fighting for their freedom and the county.

The Kyarenga hitmaker was supported by many artistes like Aganaga, Nubian Lee, Kabuki, Pallaso, Dr Hilderman, Eddie Yawe, among others.