Douglas Villa Residents Use 1800 Condoms in Three Weeks

Written by: 
Josephine Kabahuma

Students residing in Douglas Villa hostel in Makerere, Kikoni are benefiting from an offer by Marie Stopes of monthly condom distribution, using over 1800 condoms in three weeks.

The hostel gets condoms from Marie Stopes, Uganda Limited and it claims they are never enough since the demand is high.

Angella Naggai, the director of Douglas Villa hostel said, "Condoms supplied to us by Marie Stopes are always not enough. One package contains 36 condoms and Marie Stopes gives us 50 packages," she said.

"I always buy other condoms using my own money since the ones given to us by Marie Stopes last for approximately three weeks and residents need them anytime. So, every time they get done I buy more. There is no day we have lacked condoms," Naggai said when contacted by our reporter.

Naggai also said that she thought people would not like to use the condoms and she just got them in case of an emergency but to her surprise, the residents welcomed them. "However, I am not sure whether all the condoms my residents take use are used or sold. What I know is that they get done very quickly," Naggai adds.

Douglas Villa residents say they are always given free condoms by the hostel every time they need them. The residents, especially the boys are very happy with their director because of the step she took to get for them free condoms.

Joseph Kauki, a resident from Douglas Villa said, "I only came to this hostel because they give free condoms. It is not easy to always get my money every time my girl comes around to buy condoms. Douglas Villa hostel saved me of this burden," Kauki adds.

Andrew Kato, another resident said he was surprised to learn about the free condoms on his first day at the hostel.

Other residents claim that when they are not given free condoms by the hostel, they buy from the nearby shops.

Isaac Mwesigwa, another resident from Douglas Villa said, "I don't always have to count on the hostel condoms. It is really a great deal that the hostel gives us free condoms but sometimes I have to go buy one for myself."

Mwesigwa claims that he finds it quite embarrassing to always go pick condoms every time he wants them and that is why he finds it convenient to buy for himself sometimes.

Douglas Villa is a hostel located in Makerere, Kikoni and it accommodates mainly students from Makerere University. Currently, the hostel accommodates 600 residents. Many organizations now put a point where users can get free condoms, as the country steps up the fight against HIV/AIDS. They are often distributed by Ministry of Health, as well as other health agencies.