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7TH, SEP,2018

Uganda cranes football funs forced to swim across Kampala city by the heavy rain that caused flood of over 5 feet deep. This flood curried dirty water all over around the city and moving with heavy force that made vehicles and all sorts of transport means to stop at the moment.

The rains started drizzling at 12:00pm and by 12:30pm it started raining heavily for 3 hours. The heavy rains blocked the drivers from viewing their directions and had to stop, hopping that the rain may stop soon, however, towards the last drops of the rain at 3:00pm came in the heavy force of waters toward the roads which threatened the lives of Taxi drivers, bodaboda riders, passengers in the cars and all other pedestrian. As one of the taxi drivers Mr. Ssemakula Siraj narrates, the threat was immediately proved by two confirmed dead bodies that were seen flooding on the water coming from the same direction of the heavy flood. The bodies were immediately identified as a boy and a girl although the police immediately came in to take the bodies and this interrupted further identifications of family backgrounds and names of the flood victims

The huge water congested around city clock tower, near city police, Entebbe road. All the transport means carrying Uganda cranes football fans from Entebbe, Zana, Kajansi Ndeeba and all other areas in the southern direction of the city were cut off the football game between Uganda cranes and Tanzania football team. The game was scheduled on 8th, SEP,2018 at 4:00pm. Nabukeera Mariam a Uganda crane fan explains her disappointment with this flood that she bought 7 tickets each at 15000UGSHS for all of her family members and friends but did not make it to the ticket destination. Ssemanga Joseph a bodaboda cyclist also added his voice and said that he postponed all of his day programs and spent his money to buy ticket for this match but completely came into waste as other victims lost their phones, shoes handbags and others took thousand sips of the dirty water. Dr. Kasaga Ronald from Mulago hospital added on and said that this victims who took sips of this dirty water need intensive attention because this running waters contain human waste and other contaminations.

The football fans and other pedestrian became vigor to the police because the city police blocked the only flood escape path which was leading towards the police offices claiming for police privacy though they could not do anything to save the people from the floods but rather only stir at the struggling victims around the city clock tower.