One Injured in Botched Motorcycle Theft

Written by: 
Lunkuse Rashidah


A 24 year old man is in police custody at Kigogwa Police station on allegations of stealing a motorcycle.

Ssembatya Jonathan, a resident of Kasana in Luweero district was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly walked into a car and motorcycle parking area in Kigogwa town  known as " Sema day and night parking". It is here during the night of Tuesday that he is said to have stolen a motorcycle registration number UDS 164M. The parking yard is owned by Ssemanda Julius who is also its manager.

During this incident, Omara Denis, a worker at the parking yard was injured as he tried to confront the suspected thief. He was hit on the head with a hummer. Omara made an alarm which alerted people in the neighbourhood who intercepted the suspect.

Ochenge Benald, a Police officer at Kigogwa police station said it was embarrassing  to find a young man “who can work on his own involving himself in such offences.”

Ssemanda Julius, the owner of the parking yard said it was becoming a habit for youths to raid his business.

"Am fed up of the youths around this place always disturbing us here by stealing cars, stealing parts of the cars like side mirrors, lights, and other parts of the car and also stealing motorcycles," he said.

Namuddu Bonitah, a resident of Kigogwa thanked the Police for coming in time at the scene and apprehending the suspect.

"The Police came in time and did the needful and they have worked hard to reduce theft and promote security in our area by arresting such people who commit crime," she said.