Hostels Reduce Prices Due to Students Opting for Rentals

Written by: 
Kiiza Lucy Edith

A number of hostels in Makerere-Kikoni have reduced their room prices due to a big population of students abandoning them for rentals.

At the end of last academic year, hostels around Kikoni increased prices due to high demand by the students. But with time, students couldn't cope with new charges and decided to opt for rentals. Hostels like Kare, Dreamworld and Akwata Empola are among those that hiked their prices.

Lillian Kalyowa, the manager at Dreamworld hostel said, "We have made some considerations following the high level of complaints from the students, especially the residents and so we decided to revise our prices. Hopefully the students will also respond positively to this."

Ssemyalo Max, the custodian at Nalikka hostel said the increased prices scare away the students. “We have resorted to reducing the prices. And we shall also ensure that our hostel services are improved to reach the expectations of the students," Ssemyalo told journalism@mak.

Mwesigye Wycliffe, a third year student of Bachelor of Community Psychology says the increased prices affected many students. "Most of our hostels increased prices and this has affected us terribly that most of our colleagues left hostels for rentals. So, with the changes they are making, some of us are considering staying until we graduate," Mwesigye said.

The hostels are suspected to have made losses, with many hostel rooms remaining empty over prices.  Dreamworld hostel custodian confirmed that over twenty rooms have not been occupied this semester which has never happened before.  The hostel has now revised its prices. For a self-contained room which was increased to 800,000/=, the price has been reduced to 770,000/=. Ordinary double rooms were increased to 650,000/= but the price has now been reduced to 620,000/=.