Heavy Rain Disrupts Mak Cultural Gala

Written by: 
Moureen Aguti

A heavy rain disrupted activities on the first day of the cultural gala, held at University Hall.

Performances were stopped due to the heavy rain that poured in the middle of activities. Participants and spectators were seen running in search for shelter, which was not provided by the organizers.

Abraham Jesse Lukwago, a student of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication said it was unfortunate that it rained and disorganized the performances.

"It is unfortunate for the group that was on stage; I believe they didn't do their best as they had organized," Lukwago said.

Namukasa Phiona, one of the participants from Baganda Nkoba za Mbogo said that she did not do her best because of mud that followed the rain.

"The place was muddy I could not move well. I am really so disappointed because I had promised to do the best in this gala,” Namukasa said.

Some of the students wondered why the organizers did not plan to hold the event indoors, since this is a known rain season.

Samuel Obedju, the cultural minister however apologized for not providing shelter for the participants and spectators, but also noted that it has been that way in the past years.