Priest Tips on Values of Peace, Love

Written by: 
Cosmas Ssegirinnya


Reverend Father Kizito Kirenga, the director of Radio Maria in Uganda, has called upon Catholics to remain focused during this period of the rosary and to stick to the values of love, peace, help and forgiveness.

Father Kirenga was on Sunday leading Mass at St Augustine Chapel, Makerere at the climax of a week of activities meant to promote Radio Maria.

"God gave us the ten commandments to guide our faith and action," he added.

The holy month of the rosary began at the beginning of October and will run until end of October. This is the month where Catholics pray to their creator through reciting the rosary on a daily basis.

It is an important month on the Catholic liturgical calendar because Christians commemorate the Mother of Jesus and ask her to intercede on their behalf through the rosary.

The visiting priest noted that Christians should be strong in faith even when they face hard times and temptations especially in this month.

"Say no to temptation, the married don't commit adultery, don't cheat, do not steal from one another for the Father is seeing you,” he said in his homily.

He also praised those who have taken initiative to help others in faith and prayed for peace of the flock.

At the St Augustine Chapel, the rosary is recited three times every day; at 7am, half past midday and 6pm, under the leadership of Makerere students and the Chaplain, Reverend Father Josephat Ddungu.