We’ll Miss Free WiFi – Mak Students

Written by: 
Sydona Nazze


As the semester draws to a close, some students at Makerere University say they will miss free internet services that they have been enjoying.

MAK WiFi has been part of students' life at campus during the course of the semester as many have been crowding around hot spots to access it for both academic and social reasons.

Many students who have completed their exams and those who are remaining with a few of them say Mak WiFi has been so helpful to them. Some of the most tapped WiFi includes Linksys at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS), rscm in the Arts Building, MAKAIR and around Halls of residence.

John Okeya, a second- year student of Journalism and Communication says that he has been using WiFi on daily basis for his coursework research and getting informed about the current affairs in the country.

"I’m really going to miss WiFi of Makerere because I could go to campus even though I had no lectures in order to make some research concerning my coursework and even other current affairs and happenings across the world. I could use Linksys WiFi, and because I’m a journalist in the making, I need to know whatever takes place in world out there," he said.

Ivan Ssekamatte, a first-year student of development studies reveals that Mak WiFi is not only for study purposes but also social issues amongst students.

He explained: "For me I could use Wifi for several issues because these days Internet data is expensive as you have to pay for OTT in order to access social media. I don't know whether I will chat in holidays because this WiFi has been speedy and even free for us."

OTT is over the top tax introduced by the government of Uganda at the beginning of the 2018/2019 financial year. It targets anyone who uses a phone to access social media.

Sarah Asiimwe, a 3rd year student of social sciences says she has been receiving many students who are in need of WiFi passwords even when there are no lectures.

"Since I know some of the passwords, students at our college have been looking for me for the passwords for them to use free WiFi, even during weekends you could find many at Mary Stuart Hall, at Senate Building, even at CHUSS I know many common figures who have been using WiFi on daily basis,” she says.

Asiimwe adds: “For me during holidays I forget about going on WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube because I lack data bundles to use but during the course of the semester I always use free WiFi to connect with everyone I want."

Bridget Apio, a resident of Mary Stuart hall, agrees. “WiFi has been there for me during this semester because whenever I could feel bored, I would just wake up from my bed then get outside to tap it in order to get rid of the boredom so I’m going miss it.”

Apio adds that since it's free and open for everyone, many fellow students have been missing their sleep in Halls because there is MAKAIR up to midnight.