Many Students See No Need for Course Outlines

Written by: 
Esther Makula


"We have never used course outlines in our entire lives yet at times, we pass more than the students who use them, and read ahead."

A section of students has spoken out on the relevance of course outlines to their learning activities and performance in courses. Many of these do not see the relevance of course outlines, because they still can follow the course and perform well even without them.

Rita Keinomugisha, a third year student of Bachelor of Development Studies says course outlines are outdated.

"Course outlines are so old school. I can read and pass very well as long as I attend lectures," she said.

Mariam Kabaziire, a year two student of Bachelor of Business Administration says that the most important thing is following the lecturer's advice, and not having the course outline.

"As long as you do what the lecturer wants, you do not need course outlines to excel," she said.

Ethel Nalikka, a year four student from the Law School also said that one doesn't need course outlines to pass.

"In primary and secondary, we used to pass without course outlines. So, I do not see why I need one to pass my examinations now," adds Nalikka.

Amos Okot, a student from the College of Natural Sciences said that he has never come across any course outline for his course units, something which has never bothered him.

However, Dr. Omach Paul, a lecturer at the department of Political Science said that course outlines are essential in achieving good grades.

"A+ students normally ask for course outlines from us and they read ahead. But students tend to be unserious when they think that they can pass by only attending classes," he said.

The Makerere University policy requires that lecturers develop updated course outlines and share them with students as the semester starts, so that the students know what topics will be handled. The course outline also outlines the necessary reading materials as well as course policies, which helps the students to prepare ahead and not necessarily wait upon the lecturer.