I Sell Bras to Pay Tuition – Mak Student

Written by: 
Olivia Nakayima

Meet a Makerere University student who hawks bras to fund her tution.

A third-year student of Makerere University moves from place to place vending bras to raise money for her tuition.

Nakawooya Anisha, from the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) says it was a decision she took to push herself through school.

"I finished my 'O' and 'A' level at Sumayiya Girls Nsangi and was on half bursary. After senior six my mum had already told me how I was not going to continue with my education since she had to take care of my little sisters,” she explains.

Nakawooya says she mustered the trade from her mother, who sells the same items around Kazo Angola in Kawempe and sometimes Bwaise. “I had to join her because I wanted to push my studies to campus,” she says.

Nakawooya says that in the first place she found it hard but with time she got used to customers and opened up her own business.

"I started with only Shillings 100,000 which I got from my mum but just like any other business, at the beginning I was working for capital but I did not give up because I had a dream of joining campus,” says Nakawooya.

She adds that she found hardships in joining University because at first she used to save Shillings 5000 only. But now she says that as she got used to campus environment, students got to know her job and this increased her customers. She now saves at least 50,000 shillings a day.

Nakawooya sells her bras at between 4000 and 5000 shillings. She says that in a day she can sell over 10 bras and she hopes to become a successful businesswoman in future.

She further said that Makerere students have really supported her in buying her items though she has been called names by some students because of her status. Nakawooya adds that she also finds challenges with security guards at different hostels where she goes to sell bras. “Sometimes they block me from entering the hostel premises because I go there late in evening,” she laments.

Fadhilah Mutoni, a second year journalism student and friend says Nakawooya is so determined because she can balance studies and work.

“I met Anisha a year back but I can testify she is such a hard-working woman. And most important, she balances work and education because most of the students that are like her fail to balance the two and end up quitting  one,” said Fadhilah.

Teddy Nakayiza, Nakawooya’s classmate praises her courage saying it is not easy to do such a job especially at campus.

And yet Nakawooya is not alone.

Doreen Mwiiza a second year student from College of Humanities and Social Sciences says that she also hawks cosmetics to pay half of her tuition since her parents cannot afford.

"I got this idea from a friend but now I regret nothing because I can manage to pay half of my tuition and also get myself upkeep,” Mwiiza told Journalism@Mak.

Mwiiza says she started with 50,000 shillings which she got from a friend.