Businesses Slow Down As Mak Closes for Holidays

Written by: 
Moureen Acham


Majority of the business owners around Makerere are to face a slow down as the University closes for holidays.

The University is set to close on 7th/12/18. Majority of the business owners are worried as the students are their major clients. Most of these businesses are located around Wandegeya, Nankulabye, Kinoni and Makerere.

Shiela Tumwebaze, who runs a cosmetics shop in Kikoni says, “I close this place a few days after the campus closes, you cannot imagine the pain of sitting the whole day without getting a single client.”

George Wafula, manager of Tuskeys Supermarket Makerere branch, says sales go down when the university closes for holidays. “Our sales go really down; you will find our cashiers seated for long hours without anyone to work on. These students are our major customers for the food stuffs, in fact we find ourselves giving the workers leave as there is almost no one to work on.”

Nakyobe Maria, a worker at Nicodemus Pork Joint along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road says, “Nze banange , ebintu tebiba byangu abaana nga tebaliwo nze olusi ngenda mukyalo nga ebintu bimpitilideko,” literaly meaning “Oh my God things are not easy when the students are not around, sometimes I go to the village when things have taken a turn for the worst.”

The university will remain closed for holidays till February 2019.