Spice Diana Wants Disrespectful Bouncers Punished

Written by: 
Daphine Nanyunja

Singer Namukwaya Hajara Diana alias Spice Diana says action should against bouncers who disrespect artistes.

Her concern follows an embarrassing act on Saturday where singer Kakooza Micheal aka Micheal Ross was rudely thrown off stage by two bouncers at Jonnie Walker soul R and B concert while an American singer Ginuwine was performing on stage.

"I find it shameful that our own people (bouncers) who very well know Micheal Ross acted in such a manner. I wonder why we treasure what is not ours and we disrespect what is ours in our own country," she wrote.

She defended Micheal Ross saying what the two bouncers did was uncalled for because there is no harm if a fellow artiste shows his love for the song and decides to dance to the tune on stage.

"I don't see anything wrong with an artiste showing some love and hyping up a fellow artiste on the same stage," explained Spice Diana.

She requested that the bouncers should be answerable to the authorities for the way they mistreat musicians.

"We should not first wait for people to die and then see their value. Bouncers with such attitudes and no respect for artistes are the ones linked to the murders of both Moses Radio and AK47," explained Diana in her post.

The angry artiste called upon the bouncers to treat artistes with some degree of respect and requested Ugandans to stand with Micheal Ross instead of making fun of the incident.

"We serve our nation and we all need each other to survive. These bouncers should be taught a lesson for their disrespectful actions against artistes because I know they are entitled to some code of ethics," she adds.

Other artistes like Maurice Kirya have also come out to defend their fellow artiste on their social media platforms.

"Micheal Ross deserved that stage better than anyone else because of the love he has had for Ginuwine since childhood. It is Ginuwine's music that inspired Micheal to join the music industry and I know what it means for him to see his mentor perform on stage," posted Maurice Kirya.

It should be recalled that Spice Diana was beaten up by security people at the City Carnival 2017, which to her being hospitalized at Malcolm hospital in Kibuye, off Entebbe road nursing wounds.

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