Written by: 
Kawombe Joselyne


“The Fiesta Ug Rolls are in two different types which include beef rolex and a chicken rolex”.

A new type of rolex has been introduced in Kikoni areas around Makerere University. Unlike the ordinary egg and chapatti sandwich, the new modified rolex caters for a variety of its consumer’s tastes and preferences as one can have either a beef or a chicken rolex accordingly.

Right from the mode of preparation, the rolexes are spiced up with ingredients like mayonnaise, lettuce, meat or chicken to the packaging of these snacks which don’t comprise of most locally prepared meals or snacks making these rolls different.

Frank Wava and Tushabe Andrew, are the brains behind this innovation.

Wava is doing Land Surveying at Kyambogo University, and his partner Tushabe is pursuing a degree in International Business at Makerere University of Business Studies (MUBS), Nakawa and both are third year students.

“We generated this idea about a month ago and we decided to give it a try,” Wava said.

We have been in the business sector for quite some time selling men’s shoes online and so we are not new to business. “After a survey around Makerere-Kikoni, we decided to turn our business idea into a real business opportunity,” says Tushabe.

“By the beginning of this week, we started circulating brochures to a number of hostels around Kikoni like Olympia Hostel, Juliana Hostel and we also hope to circulate to as many places as possible; for we are not only targeting university students but the whole general public,” Tushabe adds.

Apparently operating with only two employees, the business officially started about a few days ago and there is an online delivery provision for customers staying around Kikoni. These will go for UGX 5,500 and UGX 4,500 for chicken and beef respectively.

Naluyimba Christine, the chef, said creativity and innovativeness drove her to start making these rolexes and she hopes to attract a large number of customers with her services.

Ahirire Daniel, a third year student at Olympia Hostel says these rolexes were only in Nakawa and is glad that these have been extended to Makerere.

Located in Makerere Kikoni opposite Olympia Hostel, Fiesta Ug Roll is situated on the roadside in a red painted room.